At SEK International School Qatar we are proud to have a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) programme starting from Grade 4 till Grade 12. Integrating technology into everyday school life is the foundation of SEK-Qatar as a Microsoft Showcase School and in supporting the delivery of 21st century learning.

From the first day of school, students are expected to work with their own laptop to facilitate an outstanding learning experience.


We have prepared a Sway presentation where you will find video tutorials which will help you setup your child/ren’s laptop. Instructions on how to install school apps can also be found here: This Sway will be regularly updated so please keep an eye out for it.


After years of experience, we have learned that it can be challenging to purchase the appropriate device and to receive high quality service.

In order to support our families, we have sourced a reliable, local partner, MANNAI CORPORATION, who we highly recommend for the purchase of our students’ devices. On top of that, we have negotiated special terms for all SEK-Qatar students.


Highlights of benefits that are included in the agreement:

  • Next business day on site support – An official technician will come to school and try to fix the device directly at school next day after opening the case.
  • Dedicated service center – During weekends or when the school is closed during holidays, you have the option to bring the device directly to the service center.
  • Extended warranty – The standard 1 year warranty, will be extended to full 3 years
  • Accidental Damage Protection – An insurance will be added to cover any accident, like broken screen or spilled liquid, on the device while in Qatar. For some models, there will be the option to add an international coverage for a small extra fee.


Grade 4 to 12

Mannai Corporation will be able to provide the following devices:

We have prepared a table to make it easy for you to compare the key features of the devices.

In case you already have a device, please check the technical requirements for each grade:

Please do not hesitate to contact our ICT department if you have any questions.


PreSchool and/or Grade 1-3

It is not compulsory for PreSchool and/or Grade 1-3 to purchase a device. However, over the past year, online learning has become significantly relevant for even younger students. If you wish to purchase a device for your child enrolled in our PreSchool and/or Grade 1-3 programme, we suggest the following which you will also find on our partner website:

  • Grade 1 to Grade 3: 2-in-1 device with keyboard and stylus.
  • Preschool 3 to Preschool 5 students: Tablet devices ideally with stylus.
    • iPad 8th, 9th or iPad Air 4th
    • Samsung Tab S6 or S7


Contact persons for orders:

Mr. Alvino is the primary contact, but if for some reason you would not be able to reach him, please contact Ms. Karthika.

Allvino Diniz

Senior Specialist – Endpoint Solutions

HP Solutions

Mannai Trading Co.

E Industrial Area, P.O. Box 76

Doha, Qatar

TEL:  +974 4455 8002

GSM:  +974 3021 1159

FAX:  +974 4455 8521


Karthika Nair

Junior Account Manager

HP Solutions

Mannai Trading Co.

TEL:  +974 4455 8242

GSM:  +974 5057 1465