SEK International Schools employ their own exclusive Future Learning Model, based on the Intelligent Classroom, a learning method whose key objective is to develop intelligence and instil values in each of its students.

The SEK Future Learning Model:

  • Drives flexible, personalised and collaborative learning, with methodologies and tools adapted to physical and virtual environments.
  • Encourages critical thinking, real problem solving and entrepreneurship and caters to the current and future needs of students.
  • Allows students to actively take part in their own learning process.




Teachers, at the forefront of education and engaged in continual professional learning, act as facilitators and become life-long learners. Ongoing teacher training has long been one of the hallmarks of SEK Education Group as part of its dedication to research and innovation in education. SEK schools boast an outstanding teaching team that is not only highly qualified and passionate but is also committed to the SEK educational model and quality education.

Students’ family and environment are fundamental aspects of in our learning community. Topics of interest related to the education of children and adolescents are discussed in our parents and family workshops, these are open and educational workshops aimed at parents so they can jointly reflect and set criteria on diverse aspects of education.